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This site is all about learning how to use Power BI. It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to Power BI, or have already used it and want to up your skills. How To Use Power BI is for you.

Power BI has the potential to increase your data reporting efficiency and productivity by a TON, but ONLY if you know how to use it. It has an obnoxious learning curve, so your productivity probably won’t improve (and will probably get worst as you struggle trying to learn a new piece of software).

HOW TO USE POWER BI is all about getting you started and productive and ready to do anything as easily and as quickly as possible.

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • There are no “courses” but rather practical, easy and short videos that teach you techniques and strategies you can apply to YOUR data and needs. Every data set is different, and every report you need to make is different. There is no “one size fits all” with Power BI. How To Use Power BI teaches you methods and strategies and hacks that you can apply in different circumstances to make the reports you need to.

  • Short videos on EXACTLY what you need. Other Power BI learning resources have long videos you have to search through to learn one technique. NOT HERE. Get exactly what you need, fast.

  • No jargon. NO JARGON. Learning that is presented in every day language. Did I mention NO JARGON?

  • Need to figure out something specific? Ask and get answers and lessons about it. If you have questions about something, other people probably do too.


  • Getting started with Power BI (Beginner lessons)

  • Getting more advanced (take your skills up level after level)

  • How to design user-friendly charts and reports

  • DAX (perform calculations on your data, and more!)

  • Power Query (cleaning and transforming data)

  • New features as Microsoft adds them

  • More

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I’m Joe Travers of

I strive to teach Power BI in a unique way, and that’s to be accessible by everyone. Whether you’ve never worked with data or a business insight program like Power BI before or you come from a data science background, I teach Power BI so that you can understand it. I teach it using regular every day language AND I explain not only HOW to do something, but WHY we’re doing it, which ALWAYS helps learning.

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Short, easy, and useful lessons on how to do it all in Power BI.


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